Introducing A Man and His Mountain

My new book, A Man and His Mountain, will be published in a few weeks. It's a bit of a departure for me -- my first biography. I could not have asked for a more compelling subject than Jess Jackson, the self-made billionaire entrepreneur who put Chardonnay on America's tables.

Here's what Booklist has to say in one of the book's early reviews:

"Whatever Jess Jackson touched seemed to turn to profit, whether lawsuits, grapes, or horses...  Passionate and even ruthless, Jackson sought out the best talents and finest vineyards in California’s emerging wine business and made Chardonnay a household word in America. Then he turned to owning winning racehorses. Triumph came not without personal costs—a shattered marriage and agonizing brushes with business failure. Humes makes his charismatic subject’s every venture vividly and intensely dramatic. This book will attract readers of diverse interests, from the law to wine-making to business to horse-racing."

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