Baby ER

THe Heroic Doctors and Nurses who Perform Medicine's Tiniest Miracles

Life, death and hope in the cutting-edge world of a neonatal intensive care unit, where new breakthroughs have redefined the possible, where new parents face their worst fears, and new lives hang in the balance. Humes spent a year as author in residence at a top NICU, following the lives and fates of the young patients and their families at they journey through a high-tech medical world filled with dread and wonder. Published by Simon & Schuster. Browse the book here.

Los Angeles Times: “A remarkable and searing book… Humes has written a book that is hard to forget, a picture of sadness and joy that is all the more beautiful for its pervasive humanity and its inherent mystery.”

New York Times: “A masterly job… Splendid reading… Humes does what only a good journalist can do:  He transports us body and soul… Great medical storytelling.”

San Francisco Chronicle: “Eloquent… An affirming, often riveting book, and the families of the many children alive today because of an NICU will thank him for it.”