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We are the world's trashiest people. 

Waste is America's leading product and largest export. Each of us is on track to toss 102 tons of trash in life—7.1 pounds a day, every day. The epic waste embedded in our daily lives not only leads the world, it drives many of the era's greatest crises—in energy, climate, pollution, security and the economy. 

The good news? Garbology is also the story of families discovering the joys of zero waste. Artists producing masterpieces at the dump. Businesses being less trashy to serve both profit and planet. It turns out waste is the one big problem each of us can do something about—if we remove our blinders and take some simple steps to lead less wasteful lives.

I have found these issues resonate deeply with many, especially young people. Over the past year I have visited schools from coast to coast, meeting students and innovators of all ages who are coming up with fresh ways to turn trash into treasure. 

"Fascinating… Zestful in his curiosity and irrepressible in his vivid chronicling."
           — Booklist (Starred Review)

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