Get your free preview of Force of Nature

Excerpts of my new book, Force of Nature, are now up at HarperCollins' Browse Inside site. Before the May 10 pub date, you can take a peak at the full prologue and other chapter excerpts. Maybe it'll whet your appetite for my story of one of the unlikeliest green business revolutions imaginable.

Please also take a look at the reader buzz over at Amazon Vine. For me, here's nothing better than seeing so many readers of my book come away with so many smart, unique and very different takes on the the subject of sustainability and big business. I'd like to share one comment from R. Tompson:
If you don't have a particular bone to pick with Wal-Mart, and you think many in the environmentalist camp are scaremongers, you will find this book mildly left of you. If you think Wal-Mart is Satan's minion, sent to reverse progress and enslave Third World babies, you'll find the book a bit to your right. For those reasons, it must not be too bad ;-)

I'm of the more conservative persuasion, and was a little put off by the stronger rhetorical flourishes. That said, the work Wal-Mart pursued (and pursues) to make money by going green is inspiring.

The story is cleanly told, well written, interesting throughout. A good case study for transforming any large institution, environmentally or any other way.