Force of Nature Media

Media Update III: Wal-Mart: Force of Nature or Greenwashing? A discussion at the Commonwealth Club's ClimateOne program in San Francisco.

Media Update II: How Wal-Mart won over a Sierra Club President. Fortune Magazine excerpts Force of Nature.

Media Update: Can Going Green Make Wal-Mart Cool? Kerry A. Dolan writes at Forbes that Force of Nature "spins a compelling tale."

I'm just back from the San Francisco leg of the Force of Nature book tour, following this review in the New York Times. Reviewer Bryan Burrough writes:

The idea that “going green” could actually be profitable, a notion put forth by economists as long as 20 years ago, remains a source of skepticism in some quarters. If you still need convincing, pick up Edward Humes’s excellent new book, “Force of Nature” (Harper Business, 265 pages, $27.99), the story of how the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart, came to go green. I’ll wager that you won’t look at sustainability issues quite the same way again. It certainly opened my eyes.

...Mr. Humes does here what the very best business books do. He finds a good story to help illuminate an issue of surpassing importance.... Mr. Humes’s prose is almost flawless, lean and clear, egoless and spare. He doesn’t deify or demonize Wal-Mart or any of the characters; in fact, he says Wal-Mart’s very business model is probably unsustainable. This is first-rate work — both by the author and by Wal-Mart itself.