Garbology Readers Guide, Events and More

In our lifetimes, each of us is on track to produce a whopping 102 tons of trash. (That's twice as much waste as we rolled to the curb in 1960.) How can we reduce those numbers and put America on a trash diet?

My new book, Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair With Trash, which will be published by Penguin Books April 19, reveals what this world of trash looks like, how we we got there, and, best of all, what a growing number of families, communities and businesses are doing to find a way back from a world of waste.

Here are a few updates: 

Garbology on Facebook: Join the conversation at the new Garbology Page and be part of the solution. Share your best tips for a changing old (trashy) habits. How do you reuse, recycle and refuse?

Garbology Readers Guide: Here are 10 discussion questions for book clubs, classes and environmental groups.

Garbology Events: The program for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books was announced today and I'm delighted to be participating in the Earth Day panel (Sunday April 22 at 12:30) entitled "Disposable Nation: Trash and Consequences." The panel is moderated by Madeline Brand (popular host at KPCC Public Radio) and also includes authors Kendra Pierre-Louis and Anna Sklar.

On Saturday April 28, I'll be speaking about the book at the Marina Pacifica Barnes & Noble in Long Beach. I'll be joined at 1 pm by Kim Masoner, founder of Save Our Beach, whose story is featured in Garbology, and who will be demonstrating how to crochet disposable plastic bags into bedrolls for the homeless. I hope you'll join us.

Garbology Media: Recent coverage includes Booklist (starred review), Library Journal, Kirkus, Book Forum, and The Why Files. Read more here. For press and other publicity inquiries, contact Beth Parker at Penguin Books.