Freakonomics Does Garbology

The good folks at Freakonomics are hosting a Garbology Q&A, so head on over and ask your most burning questions about the strangely compelling world of  trash, waste, recycling, garbage-to-energy, hoarding, our single-use, disposable economy -- and how we can find a way back.

How did trash get to be our leading export?  What landfill is known as the "Disneyland of Dumps?" How did a family of four reduce their trash can to the size of a mason jar? Why are we subsidizing so much junk mail that it now makes up more than half the post office's deliveries -- and one out of every 100 pounds headed to the landfill? Why is recycling a lousy solution (but please do it anyway -- it's all we've got)?

Join Freakonomics' trashiest conversation all this week. And for some quick Garbology background, see my essays at the Wall Street Journal here and here, at Forbes, or my Q&A at the LA Times.

Update: Your Garbology questions answered.